Celegon is an Italian company based in Mirano near Venice. In its 40 years of experience in furnishing solutions they have  designed, developed and produced several option, among which the innovative Ergon system, which enables a rototraslating movement on internal doors.
Celegon isn't a door manufacturer. What they do is selling Ergon system to carpenters and hardware stores. 
How does a swinging-sliding door work?
Their website www.celegon.it easily shows Ergon system functioning.
Thanks to Ergon system, the door can be easily opened and closed with a double movement of rotation and translation. this reduces the  space usually required for this movement of 50%, which means an increase in interior livability.
Ergon system also allows the two-way opening with pressure, thus avoiding people with disabilities or on a wheelchair   to be forced to retreat in order to open a door.
Its characteristics make Ergon rototraslating system ideal for interior doors, especially for those people who have to deal with always smaller living spaces and do not want to buy sliding or folding doors. In particular this system is very useful in order to preserve accessibility of people with disabilities. For these reasons, it's ideal for hospital doors.